Welcome to Knight Built

KnightBuilt was established with one clear goal, to introduce a proven building system and product that will change the way we build in New Zealand. KnightBuilt are the N.Z. agents for the Kingspan Tek Panel building system. Developed and manufactured in Germany, this system has over 20 years of residential and commercial history in the UK and Europe. The product has proven itself time & time again in some of the most arduous of climates.

Why introduce this to New Zealand?

The current building system relies primarily on timber framing.  Good old 4 X 2 framing has been around for along time and is the cornerstone of all residential & light commercial building.

With recent changes to the building code focused on increasing the thermal efficiency and warmth of homes, and reducing the costs of heating, the limitations of traditional framing and the insulation ratings they can achieve have become an issue. Currently the highest insulation rating achievable in an exterior wall is R2.8 (Pink Batts R2.8). This rating is very much dependent on how well the Batts are installed and over time they may sag, further reducing your rating.  In addition to this the exterior wall has a vented cavity behind the cladding, which allows cold air to circulate, given the only things separating us from the cold air is building paper insulation and Gib board, heat loss is inevitable. 

The Kingspan Tek Panel is a SIP’s building system. SIP’s stands for Structurally Insulated panels. The panels replace the traditional 4 X 2 framing and incorporate solid urethane foam insulation sandwiched between two 15mm orientated strand board panels. The panels are 142mm thick and have an R rating of 5.1. The panels can be used for all the exterior walls and the roof should you so wish.

We are very excited about this product and feedback to date has been great. Please explore the site and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.