TEK Building System Panel Data

Resistance to Airborne Sound

Field tests to BS EN ISO 140-4: 1998 (Field measurements of airborne sound insulation between rooms) on separating walls, externally faced with 12.5 mm plasterboard, 19 mm gypsum planks and 9.5 mm plasterboard to each Kingspan TEK® Building System wall panel, achieved an average sound reduction of 58 dB (DnT,w (C;Ctr) 58 (–3; –7) dB). A laboratory test on a single wall panel with no internal dry-lining achieved a sound reduction (Rw) of 31 dB. When adopting the use of super dried timber frame party walls, the guidelines contained within the Robust Standard Details would be followed.

Thermal Properties

The λ-values and R-values quoted are based on accelerated ageing for 25 weeks at 70°C, in line with the methods used in the new European standard BS EN 13165: 2001 (Thermal insulation products for buildings – Factory made rigid polyurethane foam (PUR) products – Specification). Comparison with alternative products may not be appropriate unless the same procedures have been followed.

Thermal Conductivity

Thermal conductivity (λ-value) of the OSB/3 component of Kingspan TEK® Building System panels should be taken as 0.13 W/m.K. The thermal conductivity of the insulation core of Kingspan TEK® Building System panels is 0.023 W/m.K. Thermal Resistance Kingspan TEK® Building system panels have a thermal resistance (R-value) at a maximum of 5.100 m2.K/W. It is calculated by dividing the thickness of each component (expressed in metres) by its thermal conductivity and adding the resultant figures together.